University Heights is on the move

We’ve only just begun.

University Heights, it is amazing how far we’ve come in less than four years.

For the first time in decades, we are building new homes. This year, we will break ground on a first-class townhome development on South Taylor Road. And what was once viewed as impossible is now within reach – the redevelopment of University Square.

We’ve fixed the City’s Finance Department. By taking care of the people’s money and using it prudently, we can continue to deliver high-quality services, while improving them to make the City more sustainable.

On day one, we began restoring the Fire Department. We replaced a 28-year-old ladder truck, purchased a new ambulance, improved staffing and training, and reopened the Fire Prevention Bureau.

We established the Office of Community Policing. In July 2020, we established a citizens advisory committee where police and citizens work together to review and update use-of-force and de-escalation policies. These initiatives make University Heights a safer place to live.

We built the City’s first bike lanes. We paved streets that hadn’t been resurfaced in over 20 years. We made special pickups available to order online. We updated our monthly printed newsletter to an e-news. We raised the City’s profile on social media.

Most importantly, we persevered through the pandemic. Together. 

University Heights is not just a collection of beautiful homes. There’s a new sense of community and progress. We feel it on weekend mornings at The Walt, when neighbors gather for coffee. We feel it at the Summer Concert Series, the parade, the pool, and neighborhood events. We feel it with the new synagogue building coming to South Green Road. 

University Heights is now so much more than home. 

And we’ve only just begun.