Looking forward to the next four years

We’ve accomplished so much in the first term. And yes, we’ve only just begun. Here’s what we plan for the next four years.

The study for our new municipal facilities to better serve you is nearly complete. Residents need and deserve year-round senior and community programing.  Your new City Hall will be environmentally efficient and ADA compliant, complete with community rooms and city auditorium, plus new police and fire departments. We plan to design and begin building in the new term.

COMPREHENSIVE ZONING UPDATE. We’ve identified our partner for creating a modern zoning code. Updating our zoning will promote redevelopment and new uses, while preserving the residential character of our neighborhoods.

STRATEGIC INVESTMENT IN INFRASTRUCTURE. You pay a lot, you expect a lot, you deserve it, and you’ll get it. Instead of “conservative” budgets that hoard your cash while streets go unpaved and sewers go unfixed, we will continue to support strategic investment in our infrastructure while continuing to live within our means.

FINISH UNIVERSITY SQUARE REDEVELOPMENT. We have a fantastic developer with a record of success. We’ve worked with the county, the school district, the bondholders, Target, and all the stakeholders to make this redevelopment happen. Only Macy’s remains to come to terms. We will make redevelopment happen, by eminent domain if necessary. New apartments, stores, restaurants and more are coming to University Heights.

SUSTAINABILITY. We will continue to promote bicycling and multimodal transportation, the first EV charging stations are underway, and scooters are coming to the City. In my second term, we will make it easier for homeowners to install solar panels. We will improve (instead of eliminate) recycling pickup. New construction by the City will be green. We have proposed dedicating ARPA money to sewer upgrades. We will reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 30% by 2030.

Together we will make University Heights an even greater place to live, work, and raise a family. We’ve only just begun.