Hear what your neighbors are saying about Michael Dylan Brennan

“No one is a bigger cheerleader for University Heights than Mayor Brennan. He truly is Mayor on a 24/7 basis, always visiting local businesses, talking to residents, and offering his positions on issues of importance to our city. I’m proud to support him for re-election.”

Mike Hancock

UH Resident

“I have seen more positive developments and growth in University Heights in three years under Mayor Brennan, than the entire prior decade. He has the ability to turn vision into reality, creating a better University Heights, while maintaining a warm, open, easily approachable administration, that is responsive to and communicative with its residents.”

Shawn Fink

UH Resident

“I had been following Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan’s progress since he took office in 2018. I was confident that he would be a great manager of the city’s resources. Then came the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd.  It was here that he exceeded my expectations with his weekly communication. His letter on George Floyd’s death and the need for social justice was heartfelt and timely.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Brennan on Memorial Day. We talked for about twenty minutes about social justice, the plans for the city and the challenges. I was impressed with his knowledge in all the areas and his support for the hard working employees of the city.

It is said that no one cares how much you know unless they know how much you care. Mayor Brennan cares a lot! I came away from our talk knowing that Mayor Brennan was not only a great manager but a great leader.

As a 38 year resident of University Heights I wholeheartedly support Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan for mayor.”

Chris Myrick, Sr.

UH Resident

“We support Michael for University Heights mayor. His support for local businesses, accessibility to residents, and plans for development all speak to his leadership and foresight for our community.”

Becky and Bourbon Zeigler

UH Resident

“Mayor Brennan has been a HUGE supporter of Bialy’s. We are forever grateful for all his support.”

Sarah Gross

Co-owner, Bialy's Bagels

“Mayor Brennan makes himself accessible to the residents of University Heights. No matter what he is doing, he makes time to listen to you and your concerns, and to value your humanity. While he is the Mayor of University Heights, his views and values go beyond the city’s borders. He has a worldly view that benefits all residents regardless of race, creed, color, gender, socioeconomic background, or sexual orientation. Re-electing Mayor Brennan is re-electing values that make our lives better.”

Josh Hunt

UH Resident

“I have been proud to call Michael Brennan a friend and colleague for over 20 years. Since he was elected Mayor, I have seen him do the hard work to keep our city regionally relevant, financially stable, and safe and vibrant for all its residents.  I know that he works every day to make the government of University Heights reflect the same diversity and welcoming spirit that is present in the people of University Heights.”

Andrew Zupcsan

UH Resident

“I support Mayor Brennan because he has made University Heights more modern, and he has brought people from many walks of life together.”

Ron Collier

UH Resident

“I greatly admire Mayor Brennan’s ability to quickly and comprehensively educate himself on the needs of the community, work with constituents to find solutions to challenges faced by the city, and act swiftly when necessary to make decisions in the best interest of residents.

Chrystal Bruce

UH Resident

“I have lived in University Heights since 1991. In the short time that MDB has been Mayor, he has done more to move this city forward than the two previous Mayors that held that office. Look at the many reasons: the new homes that have been built on many of our streets, the new housing that will be built on Cedar and South Taylor, the change of leadership in the Fire Department and the programs that have been restarted, organizing and cleaning up the City finances, the new equipment for the Fire Department, the potential repurposing of the Wiley property, stabilization of the Police Department, and many more accomplishments. And he did all this in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Chris Hudak

UH Resident