University Heights is as vibrant as ever

It’s about community.

“The City of Beautiful Homes” was a nice motto, and it served University Heights well for decades. But University Heights isn’t just about nice, well-kept houses, manicured lawns and tree-lined sidewalks.

University Heights is about community. It is about the beautiful, kind people who live inside those homes.

That’s why Michael led the effort to develop a new logo and motto. University Heights is officially “So Much More than Home.”

University Heights is an urban suburb that celebrates diversity. Our community’s mosaic is replete with educational and religious institutions, walkable neighborhoods, local eateries, and shopping. University Heights offers residents the opportunity to build a life by design, find their forever homes, and plant roots.

University Heights is indeed beautiful homes. And we’re better when neighbors come together in our community. For coffee at Odd Dog Coffee. Over bagels at Bialy’s. A shared pepperoni pizza (or a shockingly good cheeseburger) at Geraci’s. Greeting neighbors during a long walk.

When Michael became mayor, University Heights had a wonderful new park. But now that park has a name – Walter Stinson Community Park. And like Mr. Stinson himself, the park brings people together. Gathering for coffee, concerts, movies, yoga, and more.

A new motto, a newly utilized park, and a new sense of community. This is what Michael has sought in a first term, and he will build on this in the next four years.